Online Colleges No App Fee

Online Colleges No App Fee: Highlights

  • In the USA Online Colleges No App Fee can be found very easily.
  • Harvard, Yale, and top others are offering 100% Scholarship admission for all students.
  • National and International students are eligible to get into these fortunate Universities.
  • The best part is they are very supportive in terms of financial and language barriers.

To Get Online Colleges No App Fee In the USA!

  • The stress involved with applying to colleges, especially for international students, basically helps you guys get the maximum scholarships possible because let’s face it.
  • Colleges in the United State (US) are so expensive in this video we’re going to take a look at some of the universities that have a high acceptance rate low tuition fees and provide some of the best scholarships for international students.
  • Honestly like this was such a hard list to build because there are so many criteria that you’re looking for. 

let’s dive into the gold mine of the universities that literally offer Online Colleges No App Fee to every student who wants to come to The USA.

(1). University of Rochester

The first one on our list is the University of Rochester, which is very close to the Canadian border it falls in upstate new york so it definitely gets super cold in the winter.

  • Now, this university has majors from engineering, arts, music, and medicine to business and over 150 majors of study that you can choose from.
  • Personally, I feel like this university is a hidden gem because one of the most important things that it provides is a ten-to-one student-teacher ratio (10:1).
  • This means that you would not get lost in a classroom filled with a hundred students and you get that undivided attention from the professor that’s teaching that course.
  • Currently, at the University of Rochester anywhere between five to seven thousand international students attend the university of Rochester each year.
  • I feel like you know it’s a great university to add it’s not super far-fetched and just to give you guys some reference universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Columbia all have acceptance rates of less than five percent (5%). 
  • The University of Rochester is definitely a good pick with a good acceptance rate that it would cost you roughly sixty thousand dollars per year ($60,000) to attend the University of Rochester and this is including all of the fees.
  • Your tuition fee your living expenses any sort of miscellaneous fees like books buying, electronics all that stuff.
  • This huge cost of sixty thousand dollars per year is considering that you get no scholarship but before you guys know to get scared of the sentence that I just said.
  • The University of Rochester has a very good need-based financial aid program for International students from countries like India, Bangladesh, and others.
  • Basically, on average, an International student is expected to get forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000) per year in need-based financial aid.
  • The process of how you can apply for this financial aid is extremely straightforward, when you are submitting your application you have to fill out the CSS profile which is a separate application.
  • That looks into all of the text documents of your parents or a legal guardian and then the college decides how much aid they would like to award you.
  • In this CSS profile, I’ve made a step-by-step walkthrough on how you guys can like go through that entire process.
  • So you can look into what you know after this video but basically, you’ll need to use the University of Rochester’s unique code which is 2928 and that’s pretty much about it.

The next university on our list is for Online Colleges No App Fee –  Emory University in Georgia, Atlanta

(2).  Emory University in Georgia, Atlanta

Now I know that this one is a little unheard of and honestly I feel like the acceptance rate it being at 19% which is a little lower than I don’t know like but the fact is that this university has one international student for every five students on campus.

  • This is a huge deal, it basically shows that 20% of the students are of the international population which means that there is a good amount of diversity.
  • This university is known for its biology, chemistry, and business majors and they claim that about 61% of all of their admitted students get need-based financial aid.
  •  On average the amount of financial aid that students receive is somewhere around seven thousand dollars per year ($70,000) which is definitely enough to cover your tuition fee but in addition to that, you may also be able to cover some of your living expenses.
  • The process to apply for financial aid is extremely straightforward just like the University of Rochester.
  • You have to fill out the CSS profile and add Emory University to your CSS profile and once they look at your tax documents and what your parent’s income is, they will determine how much aid they can give to you.

(3). University at Buffalo

The next one on our list is another new york university the University at Buffalo, which is a sunny college.

  • Now for those of you guys that don’t know what sunny college means, it basically stands for the state university of new york and in the state of new york, there are 64 Sunny colleges.
  • They are somewhat like the equivalent of a public college. So relatively to like other private colleges, the fees are slightly lower in the Sunny colleges. 
  • The acceptance rate at the University at Buffalo stands at 67% which is excellent in my opinion. They have over 300 majors that you can choose from to study and it’s also one of the most affordable colleges in the USA to study in for now.
  • The University at Buffalo offers some merit-based as well as some grant-based scholarships, so there are no need-based scholarships at this university.
  • But basically, for the marriage-based scholarship, you have to maintain a really good GPA being like the top three to five percent (5%) of your class and typically those kinds of like scholarships are known as presidential scholarships.
  • You get them if you are on the dean’s list now the other type of scholarships or grants that you can say are department-wise.
  • So you know this can be in the form of like a teaching assistantship or just a departmental grant or a fellowship but this will vary from department to department and you usually get this like after your first year.

(4). The University Of Texas at Dallas

The next university on our list I went on to do some extra leg work for you guys because there were so many international students in this university we are talking about the University of Texas at Dallas.

  • Now check this out, the engineering department has 2,248 students out of which 84.8 percent of them are international students like wow.
  • So that means that there is a hugely diverse population of international students and if you haven’t heard of this university you should definitely check it out.
  • The university is more popularly known for the eric johnson school of engineering and computer science and the Jindal School of Management.

Yes, Jindal is an Indian billionaire in the chairman of Jindal Steel and Power Limited.

  • Now the tuition fee at the University Of Texas, Dallas is around 57,000 dollars per year and the cool thing is even though this is not a cheap amount.
  • All freshmen are automatically considered for kind of like a merit-based scholarship the minute they apply and get accepted.
  • You do not have to fill out any separate application there are a couple of different options and I will put those on the screen but you are considered for all of these scholarships as soon as you enter as a freshman.

 This is not something that you have to wait till your second year.

(5). Case Western Reserve University

 Get fifth and the last university for Online Colleges No App Fee on our list is Case Western Reserve University: this one is a top-ranked school in Ohio and I will say it is one of the best research universities in the U.S. Located in ClevelandOhio.

  • Now, this university has a pretty good acceptance rate of 30 percent and they offer some amount of financial aid to international students.
  • Obviously, you know they have not stated on their website that they will give 100% aid but depending on how you fill out your CSS profile and if your family does need that aid then they will match up to the amount that you actually need.
  • All right guys, so these are the five universities that I feel that you guys can either have in like you are within reach category or your safety colleges category in your entire college list.

 All I want to clear up one confusion about the CSS profile that I see a lot of students having.

  • Typically you may apply for the CSS profile along with your college application the one mistake that you have to avoid is the CSS profile, you cannot ask for financial aid after you have received an admission letter or acceptance letter.
  • That is something that no college in the USA will accept. You need to submit your CSS profile along with your application and it needs to be before your decisions come out.
  • The CSS profile typically opens a couple of months after your regular applications open, for example, for students that are applying for the fall 2023 intake the CSS profile will open on October 1st of this year (2022) and it’s usually open for a couple of months after that.

Over To You – Online Colleges No App Fee

  •  I know that five seems like a small number to kind of put with like a high acceptance rate, good scholarship, and low tuition fee but I will try to make a bigger list for you guys maybe like 20 or 30 colleges.
  • If you guys are interested in getting this list I will email it to you about Online Colleges No App Fee. So there should be a link in the description below where you can sign up for the newsletter.
  • Go ahead and put your email in that newsletter and within a week or so you should receive an email with the kind of like a pdf or excel spreadsheet with like 20-30 other universities that kind of match this kind of category.

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