high paying jobs with bachelors in psychology

High Paying Jobs with Bachelors in Psychology 2022: Highlights

The most asked and searched questions on Google are related to careers and jobs in the High Paying Jobs with Bachelors in Psychology field in abroad including the USA and other countries like Germany, and Australia.

It is important to note that a bachelor’s in psychology includes the foundations of general education, with a specific focus on the psychology major. An undergraduate does not have a technical or specialized degree in the field.

To get a High Paying Jobs with Bachelors in Psychology, first you need to have a major degree. While a major may prepare you better for some careers than others, the fact is that the level of the degree itself puts you at an advantage for any job.

You can also get the best opportunities in the related field if you think to earn millions with these degree.

High Paying Jobs with Bachelors in Psychology: Salary Index Report

S.No.Job Profile Annual SalaryIndex Report
2.Industrial-Organizational Psychologist$102,530Link
4.Engineering Psychologist$90,340Link
5.Psychology Teacher$85,050Link
6.Clinical Psychologist$81,330Link
7.Counselling Psychologist$81,330Link
8.School Psychologist$77,430Link
9.Forensic Psychologist$61,220Link
10.Sports Psychologist$60,000Link
Source: U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics
  • A Bachelor’s in Psychology doesn’t limit you to a future career as a psychologist with more schooling, just as majoring in history or English doesn’t motivate you to become just a historian or an English teacher.

High-Paying Jobs with Bachelors in Psychology?

  • Add to that all the skills that a psychology program has to offer you and you’ll be sitting pretty well in that interview chair being hired for a high-paying career.
  • The degree itself is interdisciplinary if you see the highest paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can be found everywhere in a wide variety of fields and are so popular with young professionals.
  • From helping vulnerable populations to selling products to making sure a business runs smoothly, employers who want to fill a variety of openings will be happy to see a BA or BS in psychology re-emerge begin.

What Psychology Major Studies

  • A broad spectrum of knowledge and skills is taught to undergraduate students who major in psychology.
  • Psychology is the study of the human mind, with special emphasis on how the functions of the mind influence behavior.
  • A student of psychology will gain knowledge of how the mind works, how it affects both individual and group behavior, and how to apply that knowledge to a variety of fields.
  • Psychology students will also dive into subject subfields such as abnormal psychology and animal behavior.
  • Before looking at the specific types of classes a psychology major will enroll in, it is important to consider the characteristics that attract students to a psychology program, making them successful in their respective careers.

The basic skills that a bachelor’s degree can hold in psychology are:

Psychology majors are:

  1. Creative
  2. Curious
  3. Compassionate
  4. Outgoing

Skills in the Psychology Major include:

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Understanding the Complexity
  3. Help in nature
  4. Tolerance and respect for others
  5. Problem-Solving
  6. Moral Affiliation
  • To start, there are courses that teach the basics of psychology, but psychology degree programs clearly go far beyond Psychology.
  • While there are often classes available in research methodology, language, brain development, physiology, statistics, and social and cultural studies which will help you to gain a better understanding of the courses.
  • The courses included in a bachelor’s degree in psychology cover all the foundations for a better understanding of people and their actions and provide the scientific background for psychology majors to feel about such emotional and personal issues.

What are the Jobs Good for a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

  • Psychology majors don’t need to focus their attention on just one area. Bachelor’s degrees in psychology jobs can be found almost anywhere – in laboratories, classrooms, conference rooms, and offices, or even outdoors and in correctional facilities.
  • Jobs range from marketing to management and consulting to communications.
  • Some of the highest paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree in psychology are in different ways than you might expect.

The following are some of the designations that a psychology major holder can hold after completing graduation:-

  1. Helping in Running a Businesses
  2. HR Specialist and Manager
  3. Communication professional
  4. Marketing and Advertising Specialist
  5. Administrator and Manager
  6. Loan Officer
  7. Helping People
  8. Social Service Caseworker
  9. Rehabilitation Specialist
  10. Career Counselor
  11. Psychiatric Technician
  12. Child Development Specialist
  13. Teachers
  14. Healthcare Advocates and Administrators
  15. Helping Society Function
  16. Criminologist
  17. Correction Officer
  18. Peace Officer

How much can I Make Money With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology?

  • Definitely, yes. If you see Graduates can have to get one of the highest-paying jobs with a psychology bachelor’s degree.
  • Meanwhile, there are many new graduates, who don’t start out with big money, they just find the jobs which are available to them.
  • That will pay the bills and give them opportunities for upward mobility as well as the opportunity to make an impact on people and in the community.
  • Salary potential for psychology majors can reach as high as six digits after having some experience.

What is the Highest Paying Job with a Bachelor in Psychology you can get?

The highest paying jobs for psychology graduate degree holders are:

  • Management Positions in Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations

But the jobs leading up to those manager roles aren’t too shabby either.

Here are some well-paying jobs for professionals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Marketing Professional

  • Various roles in marketing are suitable for psychology majors.
  • Marketing experts and research analysts study market conditions and plan marketing campaigns accordingly and can earn an average of about $74,000 annually.
  • After gaining experience in the marketing field, those who become marking managers can bring in more than $140,000 on average.
  • These salaries are average numbers provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which means there’s even more room for them.

HR Specialist and Manager

  • No company exists without its people, and that’s where human resource experts come in. In recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees.
  • A good HR employee needs a foundation for understanding people and how different personalities will fit into different roles.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a human resources specialist earns approximately $63,000.
  • While a human resources manager position would nearly double that with an average of $121,000 per year.

Training and Development Specialist

  • These professionals plan and conduct programs to train employees in a way that will improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Working with (and understanding) people and how they can change their behavior is key to doing this successfully.
  • On average, a training and development specialist will earn about $63,000 per year (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Public Relations Specialist and Manager

  • Public relations specialists work to build and maintain a positive public image of the client, and a solid understanding of how people respond and interact with different ideas is the key to being a good PR professional.
  • PR specialists are making the amount of an average of about $63,000 per year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • BLS data shows that number jumps to about $119,000 for public relations managers in upcoming years.

Social Worker

  • Social workers who help people cope with problems from all walks of society and in personal lives earn an average of about $52,000 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • While it is not the top-paying job available for psychology majors, many choose to go that route to make a meaningful difference in everyday life.
  • Social and community service managers overseeing these public programs could see their salaries climb to an average of $70,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Crisis Intervention Specialist

  • Like social workers, substance abuse, behavioral disorders, and mental health counselors are not the highest paying careers for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.
  • But many do with average salaries of around $48,000 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics) live with. Treating and advising people who often suffer from problems that outweigh their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About High-Paying Jobs for Psychology Majors

  • A lot of people and young professional students ask these queries that, Is it possible to earn more with a Psychology degree which shows that the students have the curiosity to learn about Psychology with having the right earning approach?
  • That’s why the above curiosity is going to ask again and again and you can have knowledge here.

(1). What Skills Does a Psychology Major Take in a Successful Career?

To have the right insight into the human mind and understand what people do.

Respecting the diversity of the world’s population. Ability to think critically and creatively to investigate and solve problems

(2). What can a bachelor’s degree holder do in psychology?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can work in businesses as human resource professionals, marketing and advertising specialists, public relations specialists, communications managers, and more.

These days businesses exist to provide products and services to people, and every business needs people to function.

Many roles in a successful business are best filled by educated professionals in the field that focus on people-psychology behavior.

(3). Which fields pay the most for psychology majors?

1. Marketing
2. Human Resource
3. Public Relations
4. Community Service Management

(4). Is a Bachelor in Psychology Worth It?

It is safe to say, yes. The world needs more professionals who have a deep understanding of human thought and behavior.

That can apply that knowledge to effect real change in business, education, and social issues.

And above all, it is a degree that is known to have a good return on investment, giving you access to the potential of high-paying jobs.

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