Free Education for Indian Students Abroad

Free Education for Indian Students Abroad in 2022-23: We know that studying abroad means getting the opportunity to meet new people, get to know new cultures, taste new foods, travel to different places and learn many more new things along the way.

However, leaving your home country to start your studies can sometimes be a complicated process and even students may find it difficult to achieve their goals due to high university costs.

The good news is that there are many countries around the world where higher education is free and students only have to pay the administration fee like in Germany, Sweden, and others.

Free Education for Indian Students Abroad (2022-23)

The top 7 countries offering Free Education for Indian Students Abroad by 2022-23 are:

1. Germany

Germany is one of the most popular study destinations among international students, mainly famous for its free education.

International and domestic students studying in German public universities are not required to pay tuition fees.

Nevertheless, some universities ask students to pay €150–400 to cover administration costs, depending on the university and program.

In addition, if students come from a country where a student visa is required, they must prove that they have a budget of €10,236 per year or €850 per month for living expenses.

In addition to free education, German universities are also known for the quality of their education. More than 40 universities in Germany are ranked among the best world universities in the World University Rankings.

Source – Free University of Berlin

The top cities in Germany to get free education in 2022 are:(Free Education for Indian Students Abroad)

  1. Free University of Berlin
  2. University of Stuttgart
  3. University of Hamburg

In 2019, the top study destinations in Germany were Munich and Berlin, one of the most affordable cities for international students.

2. The Czech Republic

Referred to as the “Heart of Europe”, The Czech Republic is another country among other that offers free education to international students.

Higher education in the state universities of the country is free for all students, regardless of their nationality.

However, to avail of free tuition fees in any public university, students must have to know the local language.

Those who wish to study the English language must pay €4,000-12,000 per year as tuition fees.

According to 2020 statistics from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, the number of international students in the Czech Republic increased from 46,351 students in 2019 to 50,121 in 2020.

3. Norway

Public universities and colleges in Norway have no tuition fees, but students have to pay a small fee to register.

In another way, in private universities, students have to pay tuition fees, which depend on the institution and degree.

Despite the country being an expensive place to live, the free education system has put Norway on the list of the most popular countries among international students to get an education.

The country’s public universities are funded by the government; Therefore, international students can get free education.

Undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level programs are also free at Norwegian universities, regardless of the nationality of the students.

But the latter must be proficient in Norwegian due to the lessons offered in the language.

4. Finland

The Finnish education system is also considered one of the best in the whole world. Many universities in the country provide free education as they are financed by the government.

Students coming from EU countries can study in Finland for free in any program, while non-EU students who wish to learn English will have to pay tuition fees.

Students should ensure an adequate budget to cover their accommodation, living expenses, books, and other expenses.

5. Sweden

Most universities in Sweden are public, and tuition fees are not charged to EU/EEA and Switzerland students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees there.

And with the exception of non-EU students who need to study in Sweden, will have to pay.

PH.D. On the other hand, students can study in Sweden for free regardless of their country and can also benefit from the financial aid provided by the country for their research work.

Source – Uppsala University

The most popular universities in Sweden are (Free Education for Indian Students Abroad):

  1. Stockholm University
  2. Uppsala University
  3. Karolinska Institutet

6. Greece

Students of EU/EEA can study for free at public higher education institutions in Greece, with the exception of some master’s programs in the universities.

International students coming from countries outside the European Union can study in the country at a low cost.

Greece is one of the most affordable countries to live in in the European Union.

7. Brazil

International students looking to study abroad for free can also consider Brazil, the largest country in Latin America and the fifth largest country in the world.

In Brazil, domestic and international students can study at most public universities for free and only have to pay a registration fee.

Whereas the amount to be given to the students in private higher education institutions depends on the university.

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