Highlights – Duke University Scholarships For International Students

  • When it comes to the most prestigious colleges in the USA, there are much more than just the Ivy Leagues colleges like MIT, Northeastern, UCS, Stanford, and my personal favorite Duke University.
  • Duke University has some notable alumni like Tim Cook, Adam Silver, and dozens of Nobel Prize winners, and it’s safe to say that it’s made.

Duke University has some notable alumni like Tim Cook, Adam Silver, and dozens of Nobel Prize winners, and it’s safe to say that it’s made.

You can also check out other destinations in abroad including the USA and other countries like Germany, and Australia for the high-rated universities to get in.

What GPA is needed for Duke?

  • It’s way up to a good ranking of number 10 in a Sweet Spot next to all of the Ivy Leagues with an extremely selective process you’re looking at a 7.7 acceptance rate into Duke University.
  • Which is even lower than some of the IVs like Cornell that are out there to give you guys more perspective to get duke university scholarships for international students. 

Can you get a full scholarship to Duke University?

  • Here is the common data set for 2021 and 2022 which goes over precisely what Duke University looks for in its students to give a full scholarship to its students.
  • All the way from test scores, your AP tests, volunteering activities, extracurriculars, personal essays and guess what out of all of the things that are on the list.
  • There isn’t a single one that is not considered so they are looking at your entire profile measuring each and every part of your application.
  • In this article, we are going to look at everything related to Duke University for undergrad and graduate students, scholarships, and financial aid for international students.

And what you can do to actually get into this highly competitive college, so the breakdown of these are – 

  • Sixty-Three Thousand Dollars ($63,000) for tuition fees. 
  • Seventeen Thousand Dollars($17,000) for living expenses, and 
  • three thousand dollars ($3,000) for books and other supplies. 
  • You are looking at a whopping 85,000 dollars per year (approx) as a cost of attendance if you get no financial aid. You can check out the details here Finacial Aid Support.

Does Duke Give Scholarships To International Students?

  • This most-asked question is genuine Does Duke University give financial aid to international students? Here are the answers.
  • Yes! Duke University does provide financial aid to International students and we are going to go over that the best part about this financial aid is that it’s renewed automatically each year.

So if you get accepted into Duke University with some amount of financial aid, let’s say that it’s 90 that amount will stay constant until you graduate and you don’t have to worry that you’ll end up paying a higher amount of tuition fee in your second third or fourth year of undergrad.

Duke College Application For Scholarships

  • you clearly mentioned that you need financial aid this is the single most important part that you have to tell them that you do need this Aid.
  • if you miss out on this one key important piece of information there is no other way to request financial aid.
  • Duke needs aware which means that indicating on your application that you need financial aid will definitely go into their decision-making Factor on whether they give you admission or not.
  • And I want to actually like bring up a good question feel free to drop your thoughts and opinions in the comments below what do you think would be better?
  • There are three very straightforward steps that you can take to apply for financial aid as an undergrad student.
  • The first one would be to start filling out your common application which is your main application for Duke University and by adding uh Duke to the Common App portal.
  • Everything that goes along with the common app and in addition to that you may have any supplemental questions that you may need to answer.
  • The Second Step that you’re going to take is filling out the CSS profile, this is where you’ll add in all of your income tax and business details for your parents as well as household information.
  • So that Duke University can evaluate how much aid you should receive.
  • Another third thing is you are going to make sure that in case they email you, the email does not go into your spam folder so just keep an eye out for that.
  • I feel like a lot of students miss out on important pieces of communication just because they do not want to regularly check their emails or because it just goes into their spam. So keep an eye out for that.
  • In case the admissions committee requests any additional supporting documentation that you need and those are the only three steps that you need to take.
  • There is no separate application apart from these two things that you will have to fill out for the need-based aid.
  • Now unlike a lot of the Ivy Leagues and the majority of the colleges in the US. Duke has done something a little different wherein they have decided to give merit-based scholarships.
  • This is available to incoming first-year students undergrad International students as well as their subsequent year second, third and fourth years.
  • Since this is a merit-based scholarship for the first year it’s dependent on your high school marks maybe your test scores like the ACT, SAT, TOEFL iBT Scores, and in your subsequent years.
  • It depends on how you perform in college, so it’s very straightforward and if you’re a good student with a good academic standing you can get this merit-based scholarship for all four years of your undergraduate degree.
  • There is a November 1st deadline for early decision and a January 3rd deadline for regular.
  • Take decisions now for those of you guys that are not familiar with the whole decision process or the admission deadlines.

Early decision colleges or colleges that are binding and you can only apply to one, this means that if you get into your early decision College you have to say yes to them.

  • It is somewhat in layman’s terms a legal contract that you’re telling them that if they accept you will say yes, so be very careful with which college you choose for your early decision.
  • Regular decisions you guys can apply as much as you want and you can expect to hear back sometime between March and April on their decision on whether you were accepted or not.
  • We have covered everything for our undergrad students now moving on to our graduate, master, and PhDs applicants.
  • You guys will apply through the Duke University portal and your application requirements will be very straightforward in terms of your personal information.
  • Your transcripts, your letter of recommendation, CVS as well as an essay that describes your research background as well as your area of Interest.
  • Now in addition to this, Duke has gone out of its way to say that they do accept three-year undergraduate degrees as well the only thing is you will need to get your three-year degree. 
  • Evaluated by an official third party just to prove its credibility in some sort. 
  • So that’s all that I had for Duke University, the entire process is very straightforward as you guys can probably understand and they do provide financially to International students.
  • So if that college is on your list it’s definitely a good high-ranking college to have on there now.

Is Duke good for international students? 

  • let’s say in one situation you have a hundred percent scholarship from maybe one of your safety colleges that isn’t you know ranked or known or popular in the US.                 
  • Still in the US as an international student, they are giving you a full ride or you get maybe zero or ten percent scholarship in a high-ranking University like Duke University for example which one would you choose?
  • I feel like it is very debatable and the brand of the college definitely matters a lot. Like it’s something that you carry with you throughout your life.
  • And the opportunities that the college gives you are valuable but at the same time, it is really worth those thousands of dollars which you are going to spend during the time of the study. Let me know what you guys think about this.

Is Duke harder to get into than Harvard?

  • No! Duke is easier to get into as compared to Harvard it’s because the acceptance rate of Harvard is 5% and Duke is 7.7% you should also have at least. 
  • If your GPA is lower than this, you need to compensate with a higher SAT/ACT score. and second, things Harvard asks 4.13 GPA or higher, and Duke is looking for a 7.7 GPA only which is less than Harvard.

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